3 Reasons To Replace Your HVAC In The Fall

3 Reasons To Replace Your HVAC In The Fall

3 Reasons To Replace Your HVAC In The Fall

We had a sweltering summer in the Triangle area with uncomfortable humidity levels. Luckily, the weather is cooling off here in Raleigh and you are probably getting ready to hang up your AC for the season. Keep in mind that if your system is 13 years or older, you are likely on borrowed time.

3 Reasons to Replace Your HVAC in the Fall

  1. Save money. If you know a new HVAC system is in your future you can save time and money by replacing your system in the fall. This is what we in the HVAC business refer to as the slow season. Typically HVAC contractors are looking for work for their techs, and may be willing to work with you on price.
  2. Short turnaround. During the summer, HVAC companies are swamped with work and may not be able to get to you in a timely manner. Demand goes way down in the fall the HVAC company you choose will have more time to dedicate to you.
  3. Avoid loss of comfort. The goal of heating and air conditioning is comfort. In a humid climate with a wide range of weather extremes, Raleigh, North Carolina presents unique challenges for HVAC. Rather than replacing your HVAC system in the heat of the summer out of desperation, you may want to consider installing a new unit in the fall if you know that a replacement is in your future.

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It is always better to replace your HVAC on your terms. For HVAC installations and changeouts, it is important for us to hear your heating and air conditioning challenges, and work with you to develop solutions to maximize the value of your investment, your home’s comfort level, and your home’s energy efficiency.

Not quite ready for a new HVAC system? The best thing you can do in an effort to prolong the life of your unit is to have a certified technician perform routine maintenance on your existing system.

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