Home Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Home Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Summers in Raleigh are hot and humid. This summer is no exception. Air conditioning systems across the Triangle have been working overtime to cool and dehumidify homes. To avoid a service call and keep your system running all summer long, here are a few easy maintenance tips for homeowners.

1) Change Your Air Filters

One of the most important things homeowners can do for their air conditioning systems is to regularly replace their air filters. Air filters should be replaced at least every three months, though you should check them monthly, especially if you have pets.

Next time you are replacing your filters, considering using pleated filters. Pleated filters last longer and are up to five times more effective at trapping dirt and dust particles as traditional fiberglass air filters.

2) Proper Airflow

In addition to regularly replacing air filters, there are a number of other potential airflow issues inside and outside of your home. Make sure all of your vents are open and unrestricted. It is a myth that closing vents in seldom used rooms reduces energy consumption. Closing or blocking vents restricts airflow and can actually cause your system to be overworked.

HVAC units are not particularly attractive yard decorations; however, hiding them with tall bushes can cause your system to overheat and reduce its effectiveness and lifespan. Make sure there is at least two feet of space between your unit and any bushes, small trees, etc. Regularly clean off any grass clippings, dirt, and mud.

3) Inspect Unit for Leaks

Leaking refrigerant can cause major problems for you air conditioning system if left unchecked. By inspecting your refrigerant lines at least once a month, you could be preventing very costly future repairs.

4) The Temperature of Your Supply and Return

Use a thermometer to measure the temperature of your supply vents and your return. If the air conditioning is on, the return should be about twenty degrees warmer than the supply. If the temperature difference is significantly more or less than twenty degrees, give us a call. Early identification of HVAC issues is key. By testing the temperature differential between your supply and demand, you can identify issues before they are exasperated by time.

5) Check your breaker

If your unit is not engaging at all, before you pay a technician to examine your system, check to make sure your breaker is not tripped. Simply flip the appropriate breaker into the off position (if it isn’t already) and then back to the on position.

New Light Plumbing and Electrical says that if your breaker is tripped often, it is probably overloaded, and you need to have it examined by a licensed electrician.

6) All American’s Maintenance Agreements

Just like a car, your air conditioning system’s effectiveness relies on regular tune ups. With All American’s Maintenance Agreements, you can save money on tune ups and by avoiding issues exasperated by neglect.

Contact us to learn more about Maintenance Agreements and how to keep your air conditioning system running well all summer.


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