Is a Maintenance Agreement Worth the Money?

Is a Maintenance Agreement Worth the Money?

Is a Maintenance Agreement Worth the Money?

People tend to be wary of extended warranties or maintenance agreements and with good reason; for many products and services it’s simply not worth the money. HVAC maintenance agreements, however, are a sound investment of your hard earned money.

Common Maintenance Agreement Myths

Myth # 1 Routine maintenance is not necessary. We typically don’t question basic car maintenance. Everyone accepts the fact that if you want your vehicle to last, you have to get the oil changed, rotate the tires, and the change filters. The same is true for your HVAC system. Routine maintenance is important for ideal performance and extending the life of your system.

Myth # 2 Maintenance agreements are too expensive. An important thing to keep in mind when choosing a company to service your HVAC system is that cheaper does not necessarily mean better. Like with most things, you get what you pay for. If you get a low bid for maintenance or repair, consider that they inturn are making less and have less money to compensate their service personnel. As a result, the company with the lowest price may not be employing the best qualified technicians.

Myth# 3 Maintenance agreements are a waste of money. Routine maintenance helps you catch things before they become costly repairs or full system replacements. The negative impact of equipment failure or inefficient systems can far surpass maintenance agreement cost. As a result, maintenance agreements are less expensive in the long run.

5 Benefits of Maintenance Agreements

  1. Service agreement extends beyond manufacturer’s warranty
  2. Can save you money in the long run
  3. Gives you the maximum life out of your HVAC system
  4. Saves money on energy bills
  5. Prevents inconvenient breakdowns and gives you priority when an issue arises

What we offer

Our unique precision tune-up includes everything that can possibly be done in order to restore your heating and air conditioning system to its very best condition. No other local heating and air conditioning company performs a comparable precision tune-up. It usually takes us over an hour to perform a system cleaning. Which service agreement fits your needs? Good, Better or Best?






Two Precision Tune Ups
Priority Customer Service
10% off parts & labor
Check Water Heater
Chemically Clean Coil(s)
Test Refrigerant Pressures
Clean Drain Line(s)
No Diagnostic Fee
Flush Water Heater
$500 of Install of New Equipment
Repair warranty 1 YEAR 2 YEARS
Purchase accrual $50/YEAR $100/YEAR
1 System $14.58/MONTH $18.25/MONTH $29.17/MONTH
2 Systems $20.83/MONTH $24.92/MONTH $35.42/MONTH
3 Systems $27.08/MONTH $32.33/MONTH $41.67/MONTH

*Price does not include tax


Quality Doesn’t Cost, It Pays!