Things to Check Before Calling for AC Repair

Things to Check Before Calling for AC Repair

When you turn on your air conditioner and find that it is no longer providing the cooling relief you need, it is probably time to contact a professional HVAC service provider for professional AC repair. After all, as summer temperatures hit the Raleigh area, homeowners rely on their cooling system to provide comfort from the heat. Of course, before making that AC repair call, be sure to check some of the most common air conditioning problems that can easily be remedied by any homeowner.

One of the most common AC repair problems is a frozen air conditioner. This can happen when outside vents get clogged with leaves, but dirty air filters can also be the culprit. When your air conditioner does not have adequate air flow, your system can freeze, leaving your home hot and uncomfortable. If your air conditioner is running, but your home just doesn’t seem to get cool enough, check to see if there is ice forming on your unit.

If you notice any ice, turn off your air conditioner and leave it to thaw. Remove any debris from around outside vents and be sure that your air filter is clean. If after thawing, your air conditioner still does not provide the cool air you need, it might be time to call for professional AC repair. Of course, before contacting your HVAC service provider, be sure to check your thermostat. Many AC repair calls could be avoided if homeowners checked their thermostat before calling for help. If your thermostat is set too high, it is not going to provide enough cool air to keep you comfortable. Additionally, if it is not set to the “cool” setting, you might have the fan running, but no cold air.

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