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All-Things College

Whether it’s your first or last semester

There’s just some things that you can’t live without knowing



You know what time it is… time to go back to college! Hooray, right?…maybe not? Whether it be your first, second, or last semester, there may be major or minor things about college you missed since committing to your school of choice.

Life can take us so many ways, but one common path in 2020 is going straight to college after high school graduation. If the unknown isn’t scary enough, you have to decide where you’re headed, what your major will be, are you dorming or commuting; I mean the list seems endless. Luckily, I came up with some great plans on how to mentally, physically, and emotionally prepare for these next four years.

If you’re headed into your last semester and feel like you’re missing something, don’t worry! We’ll catch you up. The last semester is crucial to preparing for “the real world” and totally different compared to when you first started. When do you start applying for jobs? How do I write an appropriate, yet eye-catching resume? What can I do to beat out competitors? It all seems crazy stressful, and it is, but if you can rewire your brain to see it all as an exciting opportunity, you’re golden.

How can I make these four years better?

When you first enter college, you have to figure out what type of person you will be. Will you be the party, who cares, miss-all-my-classes-type person? Will you focus on building your extracurricular’s or having a part time job? Are making friends more important than getting that 4.0 GPA? Whatever path you choose, keep in mind that these four years are temporary. College is about looking long term and seeing what your choices will provide for you once you get that degree.

Food is the biggest splurge that many students fiend on. Sadly, Freshman-15 is real! Never heard of it? This conceptualizes that students just starting college have access to food they normally never did when living at home, making them pack on an extra 15lbs very quickly. Spaghetti at 11pm? Yes please! How about soda and dessert included with your buffet pass? There’s no way you can pass that up! The key is sticking to a regimented meal plan and exercising. Your body is at its prime of hormonal imbalance; feed it and treat it right to keep that in check.

Skipping class is a big no-no! Even though you get one large bill at the beginning of each semester, they’re technically charging per class. If you skip four classes for Math 101 because you ‘just don’t wanna’, that can equal over $2,000, so don’t do it! In the end, it’s not worth it. Another reason why skipping is so bad is because you may need a reference from a professor and there’s no way they will give that to you when your absentee is larger than your present.

Mental health is something that is so important to focus on in 2020. On average, 450 million people struggle with their mental health. Just know that it’s okay to ask for help even if you’re not in college. Meditation has many benefits to give your body a break. Videos on YouTube vary from 10 minutes to a full 8-hours. Check this one out! (while you’re on YouTube, check out All American’s page with more content coming soon!)

Help! I’m almost done!

Is this your last semester? Congrats! You’re one step closer to starting the next level of your life. Regardless if you loved or hated your college years, moving forward is inevitable. Do you wish you could pick a new major? Still not sure what you want to do? No worries! There are so many stereotypes centered around having your life all figured out. Some of us do, and some of us don’t. Start applying for jobs now. Get your resume out there, get people talking. Even if you don’t get chosen for the position, at least you’re in their system once a new role opens up.

Searching for a job is incredibly stressful. On average, it takes a recent graduate six months to land their first job. Just because you have a degree now doesn’t step you above your competition. Unfortunately, a degree is crucial in 2020. You have to figure out what makes you better than everyone else. Get some internships, get certifications dedicated for your field, and get hired! Be vulnerable, put yourself out there, get rejected, and learn from it. We’re programmed to grow through failure, so go fail, and get back up. The first job you get may not be your dream, but it’s the first step in this new “real” world.

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