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Getting Started

As of 2020, there are more people than ever before that are going to college. Some people enjoy it, others hate it, and many believe this is the time of their lives. What happens when the real world hits? Graduation’s over, the cramming for tests and parties and classes… It’s all gone. So now what? Some choose to continue their education on to a Master’s degree or higher. Others jump right into a career that fulfills what their major was. Unfortunately, many people still don’t know what to do with their lives, so they go for what is comfortable and hope for the best.

What happens if you didn’t go to college? We’ll talk about that in our next blog. Anyways, if you chose a trade or no path at all as of yet, there are still challenges to face here. It’s so frustrating to see that in our society, a Bachelor’s degree is starting to become as valuable as a high school diploma. We can’t really change this idea, but we can have an emphasis on what we are truly passionate for.

It is difficult to get a job regardless, so why not just go for what you want to do? With experience being the issue of job searching, it takes college graduates an average of three to six months to land their first gig. For the trade industry, the apprenticeships make it a little easier to find a job upon graduating.

Once you land your first position, there’s nothing that says you’re stuck. You get to start building that experience! Just remember, this is experience in a field that you would typically stick with for quite some time, so make sure you’ve got the motivation for it.

I got a job, but I hate it!

Life is all about trial and error. Many times, we learn better lessons when we fail versus always succeeding. If you start a career and realize it’s really not for you, get out of there! To reiterate, you’re building experience and in turn, that can get you in the door towards your next job. Also, just because you start somewhere does not mean you have to stay. There are people who have been at the same job or in the same industry since they left high school. There is nothing wrong with that; if you love your job, that’s the goal! If not, just sit back and think about these things.

Of course, it is easier for younger people to switch careers; as they just began building their experience. If you’ve been an engineer for 20 years and interview to be a makeup artist, there may be questions or concerns that arise; just be prepared for that. If you tell your family (who forced you to go to college) that you want to become an entrepreneur, there’s most likely going to be some judgement passed.

The whole goal of this blog post is to show you that it is possible to start or switch your career. Regardless of what space you are in currently, we all face those self-reflecting questions and we all face criticisms from outside sources. If you believe in what you want to do and have a passion for it, you have to be strong enough to stick up for yourself. A career is something you think of for fulfillment in futuristic opportunities. A job is fulfilled through paychecks. If you want a career, you’ve got to do what you love.

What if my passion is not feasable for a career?

Unfortunately, more often than not, we’re not going to become billionaires by playing piano or collecting baseball cards. Some passions and desires we possess do not reap a monetary reward. If that’s okay with you, then go for it! Otherwise, it is very healthy and still incredibly rewarding to have your true calling be your side-hustle.

Many people at All American are incredibly talented, and for the most part we know they have a dream for something other than HVAC and plumbing (can you believe it?). We value their efforts and time that is put into our company, but we value their other loves, too. Find a company that embraces your calling.

So how do you get started in your next career move? Find what you love, block out negative opinions, jump in 110%, pursue it, and do it.

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