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Houseplant Appreciation

Plants liven up any home or office space

but do they actually do anything?


What is Houseplant Appreciation?

Every year on January 10th, houseplant appreciation day is celebrated.

National Houseplant Appreciation Day was created to remind ourselves how much life and vibrancy these home decorations bring to us. This holiday in 2020 happened to land on a Friday which is double awesome! When you get home from work or school today, give your plants some extra love. They actually do a lot for your health and the health of your home.

How do plants help?

There are a ton of ways that plants actually help you and your living space. For starters, we breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide into the air. Plants have a reverse process of this and thus, allot us more, clean oxygen to breathe in. Next, plants release water molecules into the air, creating more humidity. If you live in drier climates, this can help your skin, sore throats, and dry coughs. Last, they boost healing and help you work more efficiently. Studies show that productivity and memorization are better when plants reside in your home or office settings.

Is your plant dying and you don’t know what to do about it? To save it, some solutions include re-potting, cut off dead leaves and roots, water and feed it on a scheduled basis, and make sure it is getting the right amount of sunlight. All of these saving graces vary depending on the type of plant you have. For example, palm trees don’t like to get watered as much as a rainforest plants, so you have to treat them differently.

Show your plants some love because they love you! Some plants are higher maintenance compared to others, so make sure you do your research. For instance, aloe vera plants are great in kitchens and bathrooms and take little effort to maintain. Palm plants like the sun, but not hot temperatures, and enjoy drier climates. This type of plant should be left to the pros (trust me, I made that mistake). Feel like you’re a plant killer no matter what? Fake plants are a great alternative to adding greenery to your home, but they don’t give the same benefits that living plants do.

Plants make our job easier!

To reiterate, plants clean the air. At All American, we have tons of products to help keep your air clean and pure such as APCO lights, Blue Tube UV Lights, and Honeywell media filter frames. Although plants can’t keep the air as clean as our systems do, they definitely help.

So, how can you celebrate this special holiday? Go buy some plants, give us a call, and let’s get your air crisp and clean!

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