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APCO is a whole-house air purifier that uses activated carbon and germ-killing UV-C light to remove odors, chemicals, and biological contaminants for the lifetime of your air system. APCO also extends that life of the air system by keeping it cleaner.


How it works:

APCO uses a process called photocatalytic oxidation (a technology similar to the catalytic converter on your car's exhaust) to purify the air. The UV light reacts with titanium dioxide infused into the carbon which effectively disintegrates the captured contaminants, leaving only harmless water vapor and CO2 which are released back into the air. This process leaves the carbon cells clean so they never fill up or need to be replaced. What's the result? Clean, odor-free air throughout the home.

Since APCO installs directly into the central air system, the air is purified and circulated throughout the whole home. No need for individual room air purifiers!


Double Down:

Mold on cooling coil robs efficiency and shortens the life of the air system. For additional disinfection at the coils, consider an APCO Dual System which features a second remote mounted UV Lamp. APCO kills over 99% of airborne mold, bacteria, viruses, and allergens after the first 24 hours of use.

Many home purifiers produce ozone which has been proven to be unhealthy. APCO is 100% ozone free!


The Solution for Indoor Air Pollution

According to the EPA, indoor levels of pollutants may be 2-5 times (and occasionally more than 100 times) higher than outdoor pollutant levels. Surprisingly, indoor air pollutants have been ranked among the top five environmental risks to public health.


Award-Winning Design

APCO received the "AHR Innovation Award for Indoor Air Quality" - one of the highest honors in the HVAC industry. They earned this award because of its' unique combination of UVC light and activated carbon.

Eliminates Odors

AVOCs which are the source of nearly all odors, and APCO demolishes them! While some VOCs merely smell bad, others can pose significant health risks.

APCO removes pet odors, cooking smells, and chemical vapors from furniture, carpets, and construction materials.


The Other Two-Thirds

Airborne contaminants can be divided roughly into thirds. Many other filtration systems focus on getting rid of the dust, but they forget the other two pieces of the puzzle. APCO is proven to safely reduce both VOCs and biological contaminants inside the air system and throughout your home.

Check out the video to see how APCO can help your home!


Blue Tube UV Light


Blue Tube UV Lights help ensure optimal air quality for your family, as well as minimizes bacteria, spores, and bad particles lurking in your air.

Honeywell media filter frame


Do you have trouble remembering to change your filter every month? This filter saves you time and money, only needing to change it 2x/year. This is a great option because the filter change is included in our ESA. Not sure if an ESA is a good fit for you? Check it out and give us a call!