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Trane has a reputation for manufacturing some of the most reliable, efficient, and durable HVAC equipment on the market. With its North American headquarters located in North Carolina, Trane has served American homeowners for over 150 years with innovative home heating and cooling products.

We are proud that our partnership with Trane as Trane Comfort Specialists allows us to service our customers with some of the best residential and commercial HVAC equipment available.

Built for the Long Haul

Trane products are designed for longevity from their initial design and are continually tested and redesigned as new technology and changes in the industry warrant innovation. Because of its dedication to exceptional quality, Trane has received awards and accolades from industry experts and has built a reputation for outstanding HVAC systems.

Tested in Extremes

In order to assure that their customers receive the very best in technology, Trane products undergo rigorous lab testing that exceeds industry standards. There are up to 900 ways in which Trane’s experts have attempted to destroy their units, and simulate upwards of 5 years of wear and tear for each unit. From searing heat to extreme cold, each system is put to the test and only makes it to market if it passes with flying colors.

The Experts Back Trane

Industry experts agree that Trane products are a wise choice for your heating and air conditioning needs. Popular Mechanics called the Trade ComfortLink™ II one of The Year’s Most Transformative Products in 2010. An independent research project led by Harvard concluded that Trane CleanEffects™ is the most effective in-home air filtration system in the world. Trane leads the way in home comfort.

We are proud to offer both Trane and other high quality HVAC systems to our customers. If your HVAC system is reaching its limit of usefulness, contact us to discuss how a new Trane system may be the best option for your home heating and cooling needs.

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