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Why We Help

Serving the Community

Why do we do it?


What do we do?

We at All American love to give back. Whether it be hosting a fundraiser for Gabi’s Grounds, donating time at a local farm, participating in a suicide awareness walk, or hosting a blood drive, we want to help. You may be thinking to yourself, “this is an HVAC company, why do they care about giving back?” and we’re here to tell you why!

First and foremost, we’re a service company. Many of our employees have served our country and have dedicated their lives to the service of others. This business model is no exception. We are dedicated to be a part and support our community.

For starters, we have been partnered with Gabi’s Grounds for quite some time. The person with disabilities community is close to the All American heart; we want to see Gabi flourish and give other people the opportunity to work and thrive in our community. We understand that there are several organizations that need our help, and we feel like we have a civic duty to resolve those needs according to our core values that makes us, us.

What do you even get out of giving back?

Giving back is doing good! If you donate an hour or two to package food, or even donate your clothes to the salvation army, it feels good to get involved. Many places have incentives, too. For example, All American is hosting a blood drive (that you can sign up for here). When you donate, you’ll get a $10 Visa and discounts from us. It’s the best of both worlds!

Many religions also believe that giving back is a part of true salvation. For Gandhi, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” This means that we give back because it is better for our internal selves to link to the common good. For Catholicism, it is believed that if we delve into charity, it gives us more clarity to be connected to God.

Regardless if you are affiliated with a religion, faith, spirituality, or nothing at all, it’s nice to get involved. There are people and organizations out there that need our help. Being a part of a community that is so diverse like Raleigh enables us to meet others and provide our services for the greater good.

So… donate! Get involved! Be a part of your community! You never know if you’ll find your next passion, who you’ll meet, and who can help you.

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