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Why We Give

How do we get involved?

It’s simple! From donations to volunteer work, we’re always serving our community


Our Commitment

Before we begin, it’s important to understand who we are. The mission behind All American stems from giving back to the community. Our entire team consists of servicemen and women who have contributed to the greater good.

The customer is the center of our business. Every day, our in-office staff communicate with happy (and not so happy) customers to ensure complete satisfaction. We strive to go above and beyond to give an experience unlike anyone else. All American isn’t satisfied unless we receive a thumbs up from all our people.

The point is, customers are the best! Community members are the reason this business is alive and well. The All American employees realize that, too, and love you. With that, we are committed to giving back. We want to say thank you for choosing our family. For entrusting us with your home and business needs, thanks! Now, what can we do to help you?

What We’re Up To

Our philanthropy began in the Spring of 2019 where we volunteered at Corral Riding. Who doesn’t love horses? Anyways, that was the spark to our passion for giving. We loved being involved in our community so much that we craved more. All American’s founder, Chris, and his family volunteered at a suicide walk in 2019, as well. He has hopes of bringing the All American team with him to next year’s event.

Chris’s wife, Aggie, has been involved in the down syndrome community for quite some time. When she came across Gabi’s Grounds, she knew we had to help. Gabi’s Grounds is a coffee shop business in Raleigh that is hoping to open a storefront soon. Read more about Gabi and her business here.

Currently, we’ve had a few meetings discussing what we can do for them. All we can say is that 2020 is looking positive for both Gabi and All American. Go check out the blog if you haven’t! The link is right over there ->

Where We’re Headed

2020 is coming up fast. Our focus is (of course) on our HVAC and plumbing customers, but also on philanthropy. All American’s founder and family have been involved in personal volunteer work, however now it’s time to bring the business into it.

Our goal is to host a fundraiser for Gabi’s Grounds to help her entrepreneur dreams come true. In addition, we are sponsoring the Leesville school district and have plans to donate to Wounded Warrior. Give us a call if you would like to help us give back.

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