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Gabi’s Grounds

Can’t Function without that first Cup’O Joe?

Read how this local family can help start your days off right


What is Gabi’s Grounds?

Gabi’s Grounds is a locally owned and operated (soon to be) brick-and-mortar coffee shop. What sets this coffee shop apart from the rest is that Gabi is a person with disabilities (PWD). Her mother, Mary Angelini, created this mission to shine a light on the PWD community. They want to give these community members a place of employment; it is estimated that 82% of PWD are unemployed.

A similar business plan is already being put into practice in Wilmington. This company’s name is Bitty and Beau’s (B&B). In addition, they share the same passion and mission that Gabi does. B&B started their coffee shop endeavors in 2016 and have grown exponentially over the years.

After seeing their success, Gabi wanted to bring that idea to the coffee and tea lovers here in Raleigh. Oh yeah, Gabi sells tea, too! She also has a bunch of branded merchandise such as travel mugs and hoodies for you to represent her business wherever you go. Check out her website:

What is Gabi up to now?

You may know Gabi by seeing her on local television or by hearing her on the radio. She also delivers her coffee to homeowners and businesses in the Raleigh area. Recently, Gabi and her family have been hosting fundraisers to drum up donations and awareness. Furthermore, you can find her at local pop-up vendor shows and seasonal celebrations. If you would like Gabi to bring some goodies to your next event, click on this link.

How can we help?

We want to help Gabi raise money to open that storefront. There is a gofundme and a paypal donation page set up in hopes of reaching their goal of $60,000. We think she can achieve double that number with the help of our supportive community.

Raleigh is such a unique town. Our city continues to blossom into such a diverse group of individuals. Whether you’re from up north or a native North Carolinian, a recent graduate or nearing retirement, an entrepreneur or a corporate employee, we’re all different. We all have different backgrounds that should be celebrated; we can learn from one another.

All American is getting involved with Gabi’s Grounds. Most importantly, we want to do all that we can to help Gabi begin her entrepreneurship endeavor. You can help, too. Keep an eye out for more blog posts on what we have planned for her and how we got involved in the first place. Oh, and please donate!

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