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All American Heating and Air Phenomenal Aire Products

Eliminate Viruses & Toxins, Add Healthful Ions to Your Home

The advanced air purification delivered by Phenomenal Aire Cold Plasma Generator technology puts them among the top solutions that All American recommends for our homeowners. This innovative system inactivates 99% or more of viruses—including COVID-19*—and other pathogens, allergens, and germs, while eliminating odors, and adds ions that support better health and deactivate microorganisms on surfaces too.

Cold plasma can kill 99.9% of airborne viruses, study shows.

Combining virus deactivation and filtration is highly effective against contaminated air.

University of Michigan

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Raleigh NC Air Purification Phenomenal Aire

The R Series 6.0 Cold Plasma Generator

The Simple Choice For A Healthier Environment For Your Family

  • Suitable for home Heating and Air Conditioning systems rated for up to 6,000 cfm
  • No maintenance or replacement parts required
  • Produces ions essential to healthy living
  • Cleans air naturally and safely with no detectable ozone

Cold Plasma Generator Cleans Air Naturally

Benefits Of A High Ion Environment

Studies have shown that indoor air is typically 2-5x more polluted than outdoor air. Indoor air quality is also reduced because of indoor air’s low-ion concentration, contributing to increased fatigue, breathing issues and overall poor health. The Phenomenal Aire air purifier actually increases the concentration of healthful ions, without producing any ozone or other undesirable byproducts. How?

The cold plasma generator creates a field of highly charged ions, known as a plasma field, which scrubs the air passing through it, breaking down the molecular structure of the pathogens, molds, allergens, bacteria and other particles in our indoor air. The result:

  • pathogens and airborne virus are destroyed as the ions strip their hydrogen molecules;
  • odors are converted into atmospheric gases;
  • other similar particles are grouped together so they’re larger and easier for an air filter to capture;
  • harmful microorganisms on surfaces like tables, countertops, desktops, doorknobs and computer keyboards are disabled too!

You’re left with a more healthful environment that leaves you feeling energized, awake and sharp—that natural high you have after a day at the beach or in the mountains.

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