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Stick to Goals

It’s that time of year

to give 110% to finally reach the finish line


How to start

As we kick off lent, religious or not, it’s a great way to set aside 40 days to stick to a goal. Many savings like, “This too shall pass” or “pain is only temporary” show that these next 40 days can come and go in the blink of an eye. Remember what you did last Tuesday? How about what you ate for dinner for the second week of January? It’s so crazy how fast time flies by, yet we don’t use it to stick to our goals. Keeping that in mind, use this time to focus on what we want to achieve; it’ll end before you know it.

Studies show that it takes 21 days to build (or kick) a habit. If you want to stop snacking, drink more water, or become more organized, make sure you discipline yourself for a consecutive 21 days. Now hold on, it’s not a miracle. You’re not going to magically drink a gallon of water every day after the 21 days unless you continue to stay on top of it. It takes 90 days for something to become a part of your lifestyle. So, if you really want that extra water intake, don’t give in for the next 90 days.

I just can’t seem to stick to it

Other tips that will help you stick to your goals include making it realistic. If you want to lose 50 pounds in the next two months, unfortunately, that’s not healthy or really possible. Set your goals as several minor changes that you can set a few weeks out at a time. Let’s say you are looking to lose weight and day number one begins. Set a goal for day 15 that you haven’t had junk food since the start. By day 30, let’s say your goal is to have gone to the gym 12 times since the start. Because your body would be gaining muscle and losing fat, the numbers on the scale won’t reflect what’s going on. So, instead of stating that you want x amount of pounds to lose, focus on the health aspect.

Another key tip is to partner up. If you know someone who wants to reach similar goals to you, it’s great to work together. When you have an accountability partner, your chances of succeeding increase tremendously according to Harvard Business Review. This is because if you give up, not only are you letting yourself down, you’re letting someone else down, too.

I’ve tried it all and I just can’t… HELP!

Many holistic practices like Souly Holistic focus on manifesting as a tactic to stick to goals. By visualizing and placing your intentions towards what you see your finish line looking like, the process of achieving it seems worth it to reach it. Manifesting is putting your thoughts and feelings of an idea into the Universe. When your energy vibrations (aka if you are a positive person) are high, successful manifestation occurs. This is also known as the Law of Attraction.

To be successful when manifesting, state intentions out loud such as, “I am successful,” “I am achieving my goals,” “I am disciplined to stick to my goals.” Remember when Jim Carrey wrote a check to himself for $10 million dollars dated ten years into the future? That was a classic case of manifestation. If you’re not into manifesting, try creating a vision board. This is a great way to visualize where you see yourself when you finish your goals.

Ready to stick to your goals for the next 40 days? You can do it, we believe in you!

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