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How you can help

Want to give back?

We’ve got some ideas for how you can help


Ready to Volunteer?

So, you want to give back to your community. Not sure how to do that? Sometimes, it’s all about just beginning and going with the flow from there. Volunteer opportunities are happening all across the nation; it may be just as simple as Googling “volunteer work near me”. A great place to start is finding a nonprofit or event that you really have a passion for. If you love dogs, check out the SPCA. Want to kick cancer’s butt? Sign up for a Relay for Life in your area. If you’ve got a desire for a particular industry, you can probably find a nonprofit in need.

The purpose of volunteering is giving back to something you care about without the need of a paycheck. Too often, we work because we like getting paid; there’s no drive. At All American, we’re helping our community because we have the devotion to help others. We understand the importance of HVAC and plumbing systems and want to make sure that you feel comfortable in your home or office.

I just don’t have the time…

Unfortunately, your volunteer work has to happen outside of the office. Maybe you have MLK or President’s Day off. Instead of watching television or lounging around, take a swing by your local soup kitchen and donate your time for a few hours. It’s a great way to keep you active, involved, and feeling good. P.S., we are not suggesting spending an additional 40+ hours to donate your time. If you can give 2-3 hours/week towards a nonprofit in need, those nonprofits would be thrilled.

Volunteering is also a great way to meet new people. Let’s say you work for a bank, and that bank is looking for new clients. When you spend your afternoon cleaning up litter in your national park, you meet someone who is in need of a bank to help them with their next venture. Say All American donates their time and meets a few new people in need of HVAC services, we just spent some quality time with our community and got rewarded for it. It’s a win-win!

What other benefits do I get from volunteering?

Some other benefits from volunteering include meeting potentially new customers for your business. Networking doesn’t have to necessarily come from networking groups. You may meet your next business partner or next best customer while you’re volunteering. When people work together for the greater good of their community, it usually turns out pretty well in karmic form.

The purpose of nonprofits is to give back to the community in the most selfless form. Giving back is something we do in our spare time because we want to have a connection to our community. We understand the need that these organizations have, so we feel compelled to help. Check out our philanthropy page to see what we’re up to!

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