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How often does your HVAC system need maintenance?

Why schedule HVAC maintenance?

We all know that routine planning keeps our lives on track, whether it’s to schedule doctor appointments, car service, and anything else. On the home front, we plan vacations, when to cut grass, plant shrubs or even paint the house. You get the picture; planning keeps everything running smoothly.

But have you ever considered including HVAC maintenance service in that list? If you don’t, you might be missing out on keeping this valuable home investment running smoothly. If a heat pump is your primary source for heating and cooling, rather than a supplemental system, you will want to schedule maintenance twice a year—in the fall and spring.

Don’t ignore the signs! 

By ignoring HVAC maintenance, you run the risk of your system breaking down when you least expect it and when every dollar counts. Setting up a regular HVAC maintenance schedule is one of the best ways to ensure the system is operating at peak performance. It also helps to prevent damage to the compressor and other hvac components.

Why is heat pump maintenance so critical to overall system reliability? Routine maintenance helps to avoid a number of unpleasant surprises, such as freeze ups, rattling noises or a hvac system does not heat or cool properly.

How important is routine HVAC maintenance?

First, think green! According to the government website Energy Saver, proper HVAC maintenance saves energy. They also note that the difference between the energy consumption of a well-maintained heat pump and a severely neglected one ranges from 10% to 25%. Want to lower your power bill?

When a heat pump that is cleaned and serviced on a regular basis, it reduces the strain on the unit, using less energy to run—so less energy is used, helping power bills stay lower.

If your system does not have routine HVAC maintenance service by a qualified professional, it can mean the difference between a go and no-go heat pump when you need it most.

Where do I begin?

The first step in keeping your investment in good shape for years of home comfort is to use certified technicians from a qualified heating and air conditioning company. Our bi-annual heat pump maintenance service at All American Heating and Air ensures a thorough diagnostic check-up. We collaborate with our customers by ensuring they know what preventive measures they can take at home and how to help keep things on track before we get there. That way, you are prepared to contact us to set up a maintenance schedule.

Get in touch with All American Heating and Air team for professional, expert service and to plan your HVAC maintenance at a time when it’s convenient for you.