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Time to a new install?

For HVAC installations and change outs, it is important for us to hear your heating and air conditioning frustrations. We want to work with you to develop solutions to maximize the value of your investment, your home’s comfort level, and your home’s energy efficiency. If you are shopping for a new unit, we want to help. Call us today!

How important is Regular Maintenance?

Your heating and air conditioning system operates approximately 3,300 hours per year. If you drove your vehicle 3,300 hours per year at 65 miles per hour, you would travel about 215,000 miles. There would be no way to drive that many miles without changing the oil, replacing the brake pads, rotating the tires, etc. This analogy is the same for your HVAC system. These few additions can tremendously help your system:

  • Regular checking and changing of the air filters
  • Maintaining proper clearance around the outdoor unit and indoor vents
  • Inspecting refrigerant lines for leaks
  • Measuring the temperature of your supply and return vents
  • Inspecting the base pan, coil, fan motor, etc. for damage

All American Energy Savings Agreements are valuable. These agreements ensure your unit is running at its peak efficiency and will last as long as possible. Additionally, all ESAs include:

  • Two Precision Tune Ups
  • New Air Filters
  • Priority Customer Service
  • Discounts for Parts and Labor
  • Refrigerant Pressure Tests
  • Drain Line Cleanings

Your comfort is our goal. By improving energy efficiency through routine maintenance, homeowners can see the energy savings agreement saves more than just your system. Additionally, your home or business will be comfortable as well as your wallet.