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5 Benefits of an Air Purifier during the Wintertime

5 Benefits of an Air Purifier during the WintertimeFor many of us, winter weather is a love-hate relationship. We like hot cocoa, warm blankets, and a crackling fire. And the prospect of seeing our first dusting of snow puts us all into a frenzy. However, when you’re trapped indoors trying to stay warm and healthy during the winter, the months might seem quite lengthy.

Winter months can also have a negative impact on our health and well-being if we don’t take extra precautions to keep our indoor air quality clear of harmful airborne pollutants that can put us at risk of respiratory infections and allergies.

Air purifier installation in Raleigh is just a phone call away when using All American Heating and Air. They are your year-round residential and commercial HVAC experts when you need them most. So, here are five advantages to using an air purifier in the winter.

#1. Helping to improve indoor air quality

Air pollutants and allergens thrive indoors during the winter. They can’t wait to collect dust, pet dander, pollen, mold, and other allergens and distribute them evenly throughout the house.

A home air purifier collects harmful pollutants that lurk in the air, reducing the risk of respiratory infections and allergens. The removal of harmful dust and mold particles results in cleaner, healthier air quality.

#2. Winter Allergy Relief

This can be a big one for allergy sufferers. Most people associate allergy symptoms with the spring and fall seasons, when the air is thick with tree pollen, grass pollen, ragweed, and other airborne particles.

Winter, on the other hand, has a completely different set of allergens that can cause respiratory issues, sniffles, watery eyes, and clogged noses. Although North Carolina’s winters are mild in comparison to other states, we can experience cold, frost, and snow, keeping us indoors and making us more vulnerable to air irritants and allergies.

#3. Reducing dust

When your heating system is on, air purifiers are ideal for keeping harmful dust particles at bay. Air purifiers can help remove up to 99% of the dust in your home’s air. According to Homes and Gardens, air purifiers work by trapping airborne particles such as dust, pollen, and pet dander and trapping them inside so that fresh air can circulate.

#4. Reduce exposure to diseases in the winter

Using an air purifier in conjunction with other Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-recommended activities is a good method to help keep your home and indoor air quality at their best. When used appropriately, air purifiers can help minimize airborne contaminants such as viruses in a house or confined environment, according to the EPA.

#5. Less Natural Ventilation

While we try to keep our doors and windows closed tightly to keep cold air out and warm air in, air contaminants love to sneak inside. Because winter air is less humid, cold air molecules hold less moisture, causing everything to dry out. Consider how dry and flaky our skin gets during the winter. Air purifiers are perfect for ensuring clean air circulation while removing harmful contaminants.

If you are looking for an air purifier installation in Raleigh and need help choosing the right products in air purification, call us at 919-782-6242. We carry the best name brands from APCO, Phenomenal Aire and Dust-Free Active.