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When to replace a HVAC system?

How important is an HVAC system?

HVACs are one of the biggest investments you will make for your home. According to Consumer Reports, more than 75% of American households use air conditioning, and 90% of new homes are equipped with central air.

These bad boys of heat and air know how to crank up the heat or cool it down for maximum comfort. But what happens when your HVAC system begins to fail, and you require HVAC replacement?

What is an HVAC?

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. There are four main types of units, split, hybrid, ductless and packaged heating and air systems. When selecting an HVAC system, choose one that is most suitable for your home and budget. If you are unfamiliar with product types, it is best to check with a professional HVAC company to help guide your selection, offer recommendations, and discuss when to replace HVAC.

How long does an HVAC system last?

HVAC systems today are quite precise and should last for many years. With good maintenance, most units should last about 15 years. However, wear and tear may begin around year eight. After a period of time, depending on daily use and the outdoor environment, your unit may no longer work at peak efficiency.

If your unit has seen better days, is not performing properly or requires regular repair, it might be time to update to a high-efficiency model that will provide your house and family with the comfort they deserve.

Are there factors which affect the life of your HVAC?

As your HVAC system ages, it may become less reliable and efficient. As a result, the cost of repairs and utilities will rise. A variety of things might have an impact on your HVAC system and your bottom line.

If your HVAC system is not being serviced, inspected or maintained by a licensed HVAC technician, you risk breakdowns and more expenditures down the line. Improper installation, as well as oversized equipment that cycles too frequently, may shorten the unit’s life. Older homes may not have the right size system, causing the unit to work harder to provide heat or air. Improper home usage, such as heating or cooling with windows or doors open, also lessens the effectiveness of the HVAC.

What to look for in HVAC replacement?

For HVAC unit replacement, you will want to select a system to give your home the right indoor temperature, energy consumption and air quality. Regular maintenance ensures optimal performance, so look for a low-maintenance, cost effective system. HVAC manufacturing continues to make vast improvements, especially in efficiency, air quality, SEER ratings and BTUs. Look for a SEER rating of at least 15 and for BTUs (British Thermal Units). The higher the BTU, the greater the capacity.

Who to call when you have to replace HVAC system?

A top-rated HVAC contractor can evaluate your needs including a whole system review including the ductwork and indoor air quality requirements. At All American Heating and Air Conditioning, we have helped thousands of customers with their HVAC needs through service, maintenance and sales. Our team of experts are here to help you whenever you need us. If you are looking to replace HVAC system, give us a call to see if we can help with your home comfort.