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Common Air Conditioner Repairs

Why does my HVAC need repairing?

Nobody likes hearing the word “repair” in any context, let alone when it comes to our heating and cooling systems. But common air conditioner repairs are performed to help correct and improve the function and performance of your system to keep things running efficiently.

Mechanical wear and tear, a faulty capacitor, unclean condensers, or a non-functioning evaporator coil are just a few of the reasons why your HVAC system may require repair. If your air conditioner has not been consistently maintained or serviced by a professional, you are increasing the likelihood of future repair bills.

What issues have you noticed?

Most of us don’t give much thought to our HVAC systems and live by the adage “if it ain’t busted, don’t repair it!” That is until something goes wrong, and we find ourselves stranded and looking for answers! If you see any of the following, it is definitely time to contact All American Heating and Air’s heating and cooling specialists for repair help.

Before calling, take the time to analyze the issues you are experiencing with your HVAC system. This will undoubtedly aid your technician in diagnosing the issue and prepare the necessary air conditioning equipment for the job.

  • Has your air conditioner quit suddenly, and the thermostat reader is blank?
  • Did your air conditioner quit working, but the fan is blowing warm air?
  • Is your home getting hotter while the air is on?
  • Are you hearing a banging sound from the ductwork?
  • The breaker tripped and you are unable to reset it?

We’ll handle everything from blown fuses, tripped breakers, and thermostats to low refrigerant or a clogged condensate drain line. Our skilled HVAC professionals are here to help resolve the most pressing HVAC difficulties and get your home heating and cooling system back on track for when you need it the most.

What are the common air conditioning repairs?

No one looks for a top ten list of repair items for their HVAC system; there may not be a top ten list of repairs, but you can bet the following air conditioning issues necessitate expert certified service: a malfunctioning blower motor, bad condenser fan motor or compressor, clogged condensate drain line, low refrigerant or a bad capacitor.

At All American Heating and Air, we have over twenty years of experience ensuring the highest quality heating and cooling systems for homes and businesses. Contact us at 919-782-6242 for repair services. We are also happy to schedule a maintenance appointment to help give your HVAC system a clean bill of health for all seasons. Just a reminder that regular maintenance helps keep repairs to a minimum.