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Severe Weather & HVAC Systems

All American HVAC and Air maintenance tipsPrepping Your HVAC System for Severe Weather

Most people would probably agree that North Carolina offers some of the most ideal weather in the country. We usually get a sample of all four seasons, which provides everyone a glorious taste of the good life no matter what time of the year it is.

However, here in North Carolina, we are also vulnerable to severe weather occurrences such as hurricanes, tornadoes, snow, hail, and wind damage.

What does all this mean for us in North Carolina? Be prepared, as the scout motto says. If adverse weather occurs, you can make sure your family and property are protected. Where to start?

Get your HVAC system inspected

Don’t wait until severe weather to begin taking care of your HVAC system. Here is a great maintenance plan to prevent damage to your HVAC during storm-related events. To ensure that your HVAC is ready system is ready to withstand the elements, All American Heating and Air Conditioning performs a comprehensive HVAC system inspection. Make sure you are prepared for stormy weather no matter the season with our bi-annual maintenance checkup. Let us inspect, test, and clean your HVAC system so you can focus on what matters most.

Protect your outside HVAC unit

Despite their toughness, HVAC units are exposed to severe weather elements, including flying debris from patio furniture, tree limbs, and other similar objects. Long-term problems can result if they are not protected from storm damage. These maintenance tips will get you started on protecting your valuable home investment.

An HVAC unit needs plenty of space to function, so be sure to allow two or three feet of clearance on all sides and five feet above the unit. That way, there will be no obstructions from landscaping that could block air movement.

In the event of severe weather, be sure to secure all outdoor furniture and remove any debris, including branches or limbs, from around your HVAC unit.

Install a surge protector

From the mountains to the coast, lightning strikes are common in North Carolina. Lightning can travel as far as a half mile, and seasonal storms can certainly cause a threat.

Electronic devices, appliances, and, yes, HVAC units are susceptible to lightning damage. Today’s HVAC equipment uses printed circuit boards, which can be damaged by power surges. Our maintenance tips for safeguarding your HVAC unit include a surge protector. These protectors can help in the event of a lightning strike, but it is always a good idea to turn off the HVAC system and unplug appliances and electronics to be on the safe side. Using a surge protector is like adding an extra layer of protection to your home.

Plan and Prepare

Before a weather-related event occurs and you lose power, turn down the thermostat a bit to help your home remain a little more comfortable in the event of a power loss. You can prepare your family and home for severe weather by taking action ahead of time.

For more maintenance tips and HVAC services, contact the experienced team at All American Heating and Air Conditioning at 919-782-6242. Where Quality Doesn’t Cost, It Pays!