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The Secret to Lower Energy Bills: Efficient AC Maintenance Tips

all american May 2024 blog Efficient AC MaintenanceYou can’t wave a magic wand to cut your energy bills, but there are things you can do to ensure you’re making the most of money-saving resources for your HVAC system. You can help avoid unexpected HVAC system problems by performing efficient AC maintenance.

When it comes to your HVAC system, it’s crucial to remember that bi-annual and seasonal maintenance are necessary first steps for long-term efficiency. Practice makes perfect for efficient AC maintenance, so keeping your system running smoothly all year long will help ensure peak performance.

Let’s look at some ways to reduce your energy costs. With summer in full swing, you can help reduce your monthly bills by following a few simple AC maintenance strategies.

Keeping your cool

Summer money-saving features: make sure your thermostat is set between 72 and 78 degrees, use ceiling fans, clean and replace filters every three months, seal around doors and windows, and close curtains or blinds to block the sun’s rays.

Another key step is to limit heat-generating activities, such as using the oven, stove, or dryer during peak hours. Allow outdoor summer grilling to be your energy-saver.

Thinking smarter, not harder

Summer’s high heat and humidity will have us all reaching for the thermostat’s lowest setting. Your thermostat is essential for both heating and cooling, but constantly adjusting the dial is not the best way to maximize efficiency.

One of the best investments you can make to improve energy efficiency is a smart thermostat designed to trim your energy use and utility bills while still maintaining home comfort.

There are a number of these products on the market today, but investing in an Energy Star-certified system means you can save at least 8% of your annual heating and cooling bills. The great news is that with internet connectivity, you can monitor or adjust the system from anywhere. It’s also perfect for adjusting your system to the right temperature before you arrive home.

Getting your ducts in a row notes that about 20–30% of the air that moves through the duct system is lost from ductwork that has leaks, holes, or is poorly connected. Having your professional All American contractor inspect your ductwork at least once a year is an easy step for long-term savings.

If you’re tired of losing precious air, contact All American for a comprehensive review of your ductwork system. Your ducts will thank you!

Become an energy-saving sleuth

Your home is your haven, so why not become an energy detective to safeguard your family’s investment? Look for areas in your home that you can change to help reduce energy consumption and save money.

The Department of Energy estimates that unplugging appliances (coffee makers, toasters, air fryers, etc.) when not in use could save you 10% of your monthly energy bill.

At All American, we have been your energy partner for over two decades, providing the products, services, and maintenance plans for maximum long-term savings.

When to call All American

In North Carolina, summer is all about staying cool. Air conditioning systems are being prepared everywhere, but if you’re concerned that your air conditioner won’t be able to handle the heat and humidity we’re known for in the south, it may be time to replace that worn or outdated system.

Watch for some of these warning signs: more frequent repairs, higher energy bills, fluctuating room temperatures, increased humidity, a noisy system, and more.

Give us a call if you are ready to upgrade to a high-efficiency Energy-Star- rated system. We are always here for you, and remember at All American, “Quality doesn’t cost, It Pays.”