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Emergency HVAC Breakdowns: How to Get Quick and Reliable Service

All American Heating and Air HVAC breakdownsAn HVAC breakdown can occur when you least expect it. If your system fails, you need quick and reliable service. Knowing who to call and when to act is so important. When faced with an HVAC breakdown, you don’t want to waste hours or days looking for a reputable company for a much-needed repair.

HVAC Maintenance & Breakdowns

As winter and change-of-season temperatures continue to fluctuate, the risk of an HVAC breakdown rises due to increased dust and debris in the atmosphere. And if you haven’t completed proper year-round maintenance on your HVAC system, you may be more prone to breakdowns during these unfavorable conditions.

That is why, at All American Heating and Air, we have created a quick and easy guide to the most common HVAC breakdown issues. Of course, this is a baseline to help determine the best course of action when faced with an HVAC breakdown.

Get ahead of possible breakdowns by having that all-important, regular, routine maintenance and following best practices for your HVAC system to ensure home comfort and convenience when you need it most.

Dirty or Clogged Air Filters

Keeping HVAC filters clean, free of clogs, and in proper working order is critical for safeguarding your home, health, and family from hazardous airborne pollutants.

Air filters are the stop sign that everyone must pay attention to ensure healthy, quality airflow throughout the home. Clogged or dirty filters restrict airflow, waste valuable energy, stress system components, particularly the blower fan, and do not allow heat to flow efficiently into rooms.

Electrical Issues

Complex electrical parts play an important role in keeping HVAC systems running smoothly. The major components are thermostats, furnaces, blower fans, electrical wiring, and relays, which all work together to provide heat and ventilation.

A professional HVAC technician with experience identifying and diagnosing electrical component issues is required to troubleshoot an electrical HVAC breakdown. Your certified HVAC contractor is the best person to handle safety when working with electricity.

Frozen Coils

HVAC coils can freeze for various reasons, including low outside temperatures, poor insulation, dirty air filters, and low refrigerant levels. It’s critical to take immediate action if your HVAC coils freeze to avoid further system damage. Make sure to contact a certified HVAC contractor for repairs to get your home heat working properly.

Refrigerant Leaks

Your HVAC system relies heavily on its refrigerant. Corrosion, small puncture holes, and coil cracks are all potential causes of refrigerant leaks. If you notice increased humidity, higher-than-normal electrical bills, or a frozen evaporator coil, it’s time to call in the experts to diagnose and repair the problem.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

The HVAC thermostat is the temperature gatekeeper, so if it malfunctions, it is critical to identify the source of the problem immediately. If your thermostat won’t turn on, the furnace doesn’t turn on, temperature readings are inaccurate, or the system cycles on and off frequently, it is time to check the thermostat. These issues may be caused by loose wires, corrosion, or worn-out batteries that are not working properly.

When to give us a call?

At All American Heating and Air, our mission is to put service first, and we are always available when you need us. Whether you require routine maintenance, emergency repairs, or replacements, our team of certified and experienced HVAC technicians will get the job done. Don’t wait for a breakdown to call the experts!