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When to Repair or Replace: Making Smart Decisions About Your Furnace

All American Heating and Air repair or replace furnaceNow is an ideal time to inspect your heating system to ensure that it is operating at peak efficiency. The winter months certainly put these systems to the test regarding function and reliability, so if you see signs of wear and tear on your furnace, it may be time to repair or replace it.

There are several things to look for and consider when deciding whether to repair or replace your home’s heating source. If your current system has seen better days in terms of age, performance, and efficiency, and you’re spending more time and money troubleshooting issues, it’s time to investigate other options.

All American Heating and Air has been assisting customers with residential and commercial heating and air products for over twenty years, and we are always available to assist you in making informed decisions about whether to repair or replace your furnace, but let’s start with maintenance first.

How important is routine maintenance?

The benefits of a well-maintained heating system include ensuring overall peak performance, reducing energy consumption, and lowering energy costs. It is essential to perform bi-annual maintenance checks for greater efficiency and longevity.

This is a straightforward step toward increased dependability that is frequently overlooked. HVAC contractors who are certified and experienced are performance experts and are always available to help with preventative maintenance services. Dirty filters, ductwork, faulty thermostats, dirty condensers, or evaporator coils are all problems that can occur in hardworking systems.

It’s important to remember that when dealing with ductwork issues, it’s best to hire a trained specialist to inspect and analyze the system’s efficiency and reliability if you want to replace an outdated HVAC unit. Your ductwork works with your HVAC system to ensure clear air passage; worn or damaged ductwork cannot support higher-efficiency performance. Our team has over two decades of experience diagnosing and repairing heating from all major brands.

What to consider?

When it comes time to repair or replace a furnace, several factors come into play. Each of these could indicate that it may be time to repair for improved performance or replace it with an upgraded Energy Star-rated high-efficiency unit.
The EPA/EnergyStar website provides a review of some of the system issues that can be used as a guide:

  • The heat pump or air conditioner is more than 10 years old; your furnace or boiler is more than 15 years old
  • Your equipment needs frequent repairs, and energy bills are increasing
  • Some rooms in your home are too hot or too cold
  • Your home has humidity problems
  • Your home has excessive dust
  • No one is home for long periods of the day, and you do not have a programmable thermostat
  • Your heating or cooling system is noisy

When is it time to replace it?

No crystal ball can tell you when to upgrade your heating system because each type (gas, central heating, heat pumps) can differ depending on your current use and equipment.
But let’s take a look at the top five reasons that it makes more sense to replace than repair:

  • Reducing heating costs.
  • Ensuring your home is always warm and comfortable.
  • Lowering the risk of system breakdowns.
  • Saving money on repairs.
  • Lowering your carbon footprint.

You don’t want any system to fail in the dead of winter or the height of summer heat, so regularly monitor its efficiency. It’s also a good idea to have your local HVAC contractor perform a system assessment to better understand the system’s readiness.

What to look for?

Today’s heating and cooling systems are more energy-efficient than ever, so if your unit is more than ten years old, now might be a good time to upgrade for more significant savings. If you’re faced with higher and more frequent repair costs and your system is still underperforming, contact one of our certified technicians for assistance.

We understand that heating and cooling systems are among the most significant investments you will make, so you can rely on us for expert advice.