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The Importance of Maintenance for Your Heating System This Fall

The Importance of Maintenance for Your Heating System This Fall When will we be able to wear our flannel shirts again? Summer in North Carolina was exceedingly hot, sticky, and humid. Most of us are looking forward to some fall-like temperatures. We can all agree that one of North Carolina’s best attributes is its wonderful weather.

Despite having all four seasons, our winters are not as terrible as those of our northern neighbors. However, this does not absolve us of the responsibility of ensuring that our heating systems are operational when Mother Nature decides to alter course.

And, before you grab those warm, cozy thermal blankets and adjust the thermostat, keep in mind that your heating system has been dormant for some months.

Waiting until it gets cold before monitoring the heating system increases the likelihood of your HVAC requiring a heating repair because the system hasn’t been properly maintained or serviced.

With regular, preventative bi-annual maintenance, the system is fine-tuned and ready to take on Mother Nature.

When is the appropriate time?

There are two essential seasons for heating and cooling systems to be inspected and serviced: fall and spring. Both periods are excellent for your HVAC-certified All American Heating and Air Conditioning experts to perform key system checks and balances, ensuring that your heating system is operating at top efficiency prior to the arrival of winter weather. You know, the ones that shut down everything in the Triangle because you’re out of bread and milk.

What are some of the advantages?

  1. Guarantee: Most HVAC manufacturers require annual maintenance on your system to keep your warranty active. Check the warranty fine print for HVAC licensures and certificates to ensure you are working with a certified firm.
  2. Air Quality in the Home: Proper maintenance can help decrease pollutant buildup and increase air circulation in your system. A clean air filter traps dust, dander, and mold, providing you with cleaner indoor air to breathe.
  3. Identify issues: Regularly inspecting your heating system will help you avoid costly breakdowns and heating repairs. It’s also a good time to consider upgrading or replacing an outdated unit before the cold weather arrives.
  4. Financial savings: According to Energy Star, heating accounts for 29% of your household utility bill, so keeping your heating system in good condition can help lower those monthly costs.
  5. Avoid the Rush: Winter is the busiest season for HVAC professionals, so don’t wait until inclement weather occurs and you have system problems.

The HVAC system in your house is one of the most significant and long-term investments you can make. It’s the safety net you need to ensure your home and family’s comfort with heating and cooling all year.

Our professional technicians at All American Heating and Air Conditioning are ready to provide your heating system with a clean bill of health. To get started on your fall maintenance, call us at 919-782-6242 or book online at our request for service page. And, as a friendly reminder, we also offer a complete maintenance agreement that assists you in saving money, conserving energy and extending the life of your HVAC.